This could be the last time you read this blog. Why do I say that? Well, life is so remarkably unpredictable and fickle, that for some reason yet to be known or forseen by me, I could call this blogging business quits. I’m just saying. We really never do know, if and when, somethings we are accostomed too, will cease to exist. And pretty soon, we forget about them. I am not saying this will happen, I’m saying it can. 

Take for instance the music playlists on radio stations. At the height of their popularity some songs are played over and over and over. As new songs are released and gain popularity, the previously popular tunes get relegated to the bottom of the playlist and after a while they get removed. Think about a once popular song that you enjoyed listening too. Can you remember the last time you heard it played? At that time, did you think that this would be the last time you would hear it for a very long time or never again? 

Our brains work the same way. New information and data gets stored over the old constantly. Soon we forget we had some memories locked away inside us and we never expected that our lives will push us farther away from them. We never expected that there would be a last time for them.

Think about someone you never ever saw again and the last time you did.

A place you love and never visited again.

A book you read countless times, and never picked up again.

The last time you said your deceased pet’s name or had a memory of them.

The last time you had a good feeling you wished would never go away. 

Do you remember the days of good health and a stress free life?

When was the last time you had childhood memories? 

The beauty of life is also the saddest part; it moves on, endures and thrives, but because of this, we forget, replace and change. 

The old saying goes ‘we should live each day and experience as if it were our last.’ We should also expect that some blogger will make us remember those ‘last time moments’ in our lives, and inspire us to revisit them for the first time in a long time.


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