There are many ancient folk tales which tell the story of the Sun and Moon and their origins. Personally, I have a only heard of two; one which is romantic in nature and the other, which, is philosophical, is the one I will share with you. 

The celestial bodies, the Sun and the Moon were thought to be siblings. After all, they looked similar, they shared the same sky, provided the world with light and were both revered for their importance in everyday life. And like siblings, they were very competitive and jealous of each other. Naturally, the Sun always felt it was the superior sibling, since it was older and it’s light was much more powerful than the Moon’s. But, it resented it’s younger brother, because people never complained about the heat of the Moon, while they did so over his heat almost every day. The Moon meanwhile, was jealous of his brother’s power and size. People worshipped him and praised him for giving and sustaining life on the world. 

The young Moon was very bitter about the situation and decided to do something about it. One day while his brother, the Sun, was halfway through his trip across the sky, the Moon moved slowly across his face, blocking his brother’s light from reaching the world. Despite the Sun’s protestations against the actions of his younger brother, the Moon would not move from his position. He had expected that the people on the ground would have been happy to see him in the middle of the day. But they were not.

The world was thrown into chaos. The Sun had been blocked off by a dark object. The people of the world did not see a gleaming yellow disc in the sky, just a forboding shadow creeping in front of the sun and blocking it’s light. They panicked and cried to the Gods to save them. Their pleas were answered. The Gods pulled the Moon away from his brother and let the world bathe in his light once more. When the Gods questioned the Moon about his actions, they realized his concerns and torment. The Gods explained both the Sun and the Moon were meant to share the sky equally. They both followed the same path, but would shine at different times, so there was no reason for either of them to feel worth less than the other. The Moon finally understood the error of his ways. He is still a bit stubborn though, as you can still find him lingering around in the western sky in the morning, when his brother begins his daily voyage and ever so often he would be mischievous and upstage his brother and we would experience a solar eclipse.

We must always remember that everyone has their own time to shine in this world and it does you no good to try to overshadow others just to be in the spotlight. Your time WILL come and when it does, you will be in all you’d splendor and glory. If you try to shine before your time and at the expense of others, people will only see darkness and chaos in your actions. Be patient and resist being selfish and jealous of others in life. 


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