While going through my paces on the treadmill this week, I heard something fall with a loud bump behind me. As I turned around to take a look at what was happening, I realised I immediately had to turn my attention back to what was taking place in front of me on the controls. 

In the moment I turned around, I no longer had my eyes on my goal of burning calories. But more importantly I felt as if I was losing my balance; running while looking back is a bad idea. If you think about your life as running on a treadmill, then looking ahead and staying focused will ensure you get to your goals. However, if you keep looking back at the distractions of your past, you run the risk (literally) of stumbling and falling off your path. 

The key to burning calories and achieving all you want in your life is not breaking your momentum. Once you get warmed up, keep your stride, get into a rhythm and never look back. Momentum will always push you forward, dedication will push you further and a clear vision for your life will take you beyond your limits.


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