I wrote in an earlier blog post, that some people love to defend their ignorant ways with equally ignorant behaviors and attitudes. In such circumstances all logic, clarity and wisdom are overwhelmed by the onslaught of bitterness, prejudice and stubbornness. 

Dealing with ignorant people is a painstaking task. However, if left to their own devices, such individuals become dangerous, destructive and deluded, as all that matters to them is their selfishness, narrow mindedness and survival in a world they do not care to comprehend. 

It takes patience, not force, to make ignorant people see the flaws in their world views. It calls for knowledge, not vilification, to tame and retrain a lost mind. It requires understanding, empathy and some amount of love to dispel the thick clouds of negativity and falsehood which weigh heavily on an ignorant heart. 

It may be difficult to begin the process of getting an ignorant person to see the fallacies in the defense of their ways. They only know of one way to think and one way to live. Any attempt to change that will be seen as an attack on their fragile self esteem and image. However, without becoming ignorant yourself, you can effect positive change in the life of another human being. I typically see ignorance as a childish attempt by a misunderstood individual to seek attention from the world. At the end of the day they are people just like you and I and everyone deserves redemption, even if they may curse, kick and spit on your offer the first time around.


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