Over the years I’ve tried various Subway sandwiches with a multitude of combinations of toppings and dressings, just to find the perfect sandwich. If we imagine our lives to be sandwiches being prepared and each sandwich is a new stage in our lives, then the toppings and dressings are the chosen circumstances, situations and people we allow to hop along for the ride. 

The most favorite sandwhich, based on my observations, is the Chicken Teriyaki. It’s juicy chicken with a slightly sweet taste. It’s a great selection, almost like the new phase you’ve embarked on. People love the Parmesan bread, but it’s always a bit hard and crusty. It’s similar to your personality, soft and cheesy on the inside, hard and seasoned on the outside. So we have a juicy main selection on a hard bread to which people let the sandwich artists pile on lettuce. Putting lettuce on a sandwich is always a great choice. It’s fresh, crunchy and very well behaved in your creation. Lettuce is like your best friends and closest family members who know you best. Then you choose the tomato slices. They are large and healthy for you, but also juicy. They go on top your lettuce and chicken. The tomatoes represent the elders and advisors you trust and turn to for help. The juicyness is their influence on your life. Next come the cucumber slices. Hard, cool but completely useless and tasteless in any sandwhich. They are the acquaintances you have around you. You know they are there, but they make no difference to your life. You are then offered sweet peppers. Who eats raw sweet peppers? They are best suited for pizzas, gyros and fried rice when cooked. Sweet peppers are your failed romantic relationships. Bulky, unnecessary, raw and bound to be the first thing to fall out your sandwich. They are followed by pickles. They are the old fears and problems you have not dealt with, but which remain on your mind constantly. Sour, salty, shriveled and cold, they interfere with the flavor of the other things in the sandwich. Next come the onions. They come in different sliced sizes, you get just a few and are tempting to the taste buds. They represent the adventures and fun activities in your life. By now you realise your sandwich is stuffed, but you have extras; pineapple chucks, olives and jalapeños. The pineapple is your ambition. Sweet, juicy and strong. The olives are your dark side. Subtle but weird and unnecessary. Jalapeño peppers! Nice small flavourful slices. They represent your current relationships; hot and spicy. 

Then you have to choose the dressings. Ketchup is always a must. It’s your ability to be liked by everyone everywhere you go. The pepper is also a good choice. It’s your determined spirit and fire to succeed. The mayonnaise makes everything taste good, but is unhealthy unfortunately. It is like your vices. You should learn to cut back. Next is garlic sauce. Watery but flavourful, it’s never truly distinguished in the sandwich when it’s being eaten. It’s like the small victories you make in your phase but which are still insignificant compared to the goal at hand.People love the shaddon beni sauce. It’s too weak in flavour though and adds too much wetness to the sandwhich. This is your failures and how you handle them. They can ruin the sandwich if you let them run amok.

The people who pile on all the toppings and dressings always complain how big, sloppy, messy and wet the sub is when it’s finished. They should be reminded that they chose all the things that went into the sandwich so they themselves are the ones to blame for the mess. 

Truly it is my belief that some toppings and dressings were meant to go with some sandwiches. For example, the bbq sauce will go with the bbq pork, the olive oil will be nice with a salad and the cheese slices are best left for the sausage subs. Who puts cheese on chicken? 

So no matter your phase in life remember to mix and match until you find the right combination. It’s a mess when you try to pile everything on yourself all at once! Your life, like the sub, should be a work of art at the end, not a disappointment you wished you didn’t spend your money on. 

And a note about double meats; take your phases one at a time. Don’t try to conquer your dreams all at once. I once saw a guy try a foot long double meat subway melt sandwich. He could not keep it all down! 


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