Sticky note ideas to help you get through your day: 

1. ‘I will remain optimistic and determined in all that I do.’ After all, a positive attitude ensures a positive day.

2. ‘Smile’. Try smiling  with everyone you meet; it doesn’t cost you anything, but is worth more to them than you can imagine.

3. ‘I won’t stress over the little things and ignorant people.’ Stress drains you of the energy you need to get through your day.

4. ‘Staying true to myself.’ Do not change who you are to please others. Do not let others make you feel bad because of who you are.

5. ‘In awe at the Universe.’ There is so much to appreciate about the world around us. Take the time to bask in the gifts of the Universe.

Bonus Sticky Note Idea: ‘Check the ‘Can’t Help, But Laugh’ blog daily.’ For original content all week long. 


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