When Adrian left his office for the last time that fateful afternoon, he reassured himself that he could deal with whatever came next in the uncharted days which lay ahead. But what about his colleagues who were also being forced from their jobs? Even though they were diplomatic and put on strong faces over the merger of the company with another, Adrian knew deep down they were unsettled. Were they silently reassuring themselves as well? Working in radio was once a dream for Adrian. Persevering and becoming a broadcast journalist was a dream come through. He had accomplished much in the eight years he walked that career path and now, as the head of the news department he was bringing his experience to bear on the job at hand. He shared a vision with the radio station’s management and like most of the other people in the company, he had its best interest at heart. Such was the daily mentality of those loyal to the vision.

The power and influence of the other company steamrolled their attempts to stave off the merger. The biggest betrayal came from their own boss who gave up his managerial powers for a fat cheque at the end of the month. The merger made Adrian and others redundant under a new arrangement. The job he had worked hard to procure, secure further, had been wrenched away from him by two men who had over stayed their time in the industry.

Adrian saw an opportunity in his situation though; to aim for a new dream. A dream salary. A better salary which fits his qualifications and experience.

Sometimes our dreaming changes course into exciting and unexplored areas and while we may be initially disturbed by the occurrence, we must be mature enough to find the silver linings in everything that comes our way.  Like Adrian, we do not have to stop dreaming if things do not work out with one dream. Always remember big dreamers see the biggest opportunities in life. The more you dare yourself to be and experience the more you will be able to explore this world. 


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