Keeping a dream job is just as hard as getting one or perhaps even harder. This is because they are demanding and require lots of time and energy to excel at. Nevertheless, in the pursuit of your passion, sacrifices are expected.

Let me rephrase that: Sacrifices are mandatory. Personal sacrifices such as time, family, relationships, a social life and hobbies are no small matter. These sacrifices are the compromises you make with yourself now, with the promise and expectation of a better tomorrow. They are not to be made lightly either. Each sacrifice must bring quantifiable rewards, otherwise you will be snipping away at yourself needlessly, until you realise there is nothing more for you to give. When this happens with a job, it is probably a good time to move on to something else. Never put your job ahead of your health or your principles. 

Many people become comfortable and complacent in their jobs after some time. Complacency is the nemesis of progress and will negatively impact your ability to perform. Once again your passion has to swoop in to your rescue, along with some sensibility. Remember every job rates performance to make decisions on promotions and salary changes. It is therefore important to always stay at the top of the game. Consider updating your qualifications or suggest reforms within your organization to ensure all the moving parts are functioning efficiently.

Finally, as your passion drives you, consider your options for upward mobility. Your bosses may be thinking about it for you but you must always seek to be promoted. Your dream job is an experience building opportunity, so grab at every one which comes your way through ethical and moral means. There is no need to lose your integrity and respect in the pursuit of betterment.

Have a productive day and positive attitude work everyone.  


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