It starts innocently enough. First as pretend games, you talk to your family and everyone you meet about it, then as you grow older it becomes a genuine interest and finally you set off on a path to make your childhood imagination a reality. The path is easier for some than it is for others. Sometimes you get to your destination really quickly and at other times you find yourself stuck for many years in a place you never wanted to be, doing things you never wanted to do. But, despite your disappointment with how things turned out, you never take your eyes off the prize; your dream job.

Most dream jobs are perceived to be glamorous in nature. While the perks and view are indeed better than other careers, landing a dream job is difficult especially if many other people have the same dream. No one will doubt your heart is fixed on getting the position, but you must be prepared. 

Here are some tips for ‘Getting Your Dream Job’.

Your academic qualifications and experience will be very important factors for getting the job. The job market is very competitive right now, so you should ensure you are holding all the right Masters, Degrees and portfolio. Apart from academics, possessing a little common sense can go a long way.

Being well networked and connected will help you meet the right people who can be beneficial to your dream job. Some jobs require you to draw upon outside resources and assets at a moment’s notice. Having such people on speed dial can be the difference between success and failure. Try to network in the right places and not necessarily at the nearest watering hole. Seek out seminars, workshops and conferences which are directly connected to your dream job.

Be assertive and opportunistic. Your dream job is like a ripe fruit on a tree just out of your reach. All it takes is a bold move to jump up and grab it while everyone else is holding you down. At every opportunity put yourself in positions and situations to be exposed to information and chances to get into your dream career. For example, there is a budding heart doctor reading this who is still some years away from reaching his ultimate goal, but makes the sacrifice every year to attend a heart conference in another country to keep himself updated on the latest research and technology in the field. 

Everyone has what it takes to turn their dreams into their jobs. And, even then you will not consider it a job, but a passion.


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