How can a human being just vanish one day and the world goes on as if nothing has happened? Such things have been happening every day for a very long time, not only in my country but yours as well. Aren’t societies built via the collective efforts of everyone in a country? Isn’t it also true that every single individual has an important part to play in the development of the country? So if a laborer goes missing one day and no one does anything about it, are we to expect he will be easily replaced by someone else who can do the same job? It seems that this is the reality. 

The person’s family may highlight their disappearance for about few weeks in the media and after that, it’s branded as old news. Soon the police investigation goes cold and the family receive no more updates. They are then left to wonder and grieve over their loved one. It’s the same story for most cases. As time goes by, the person is forgotten by society. What about the person’s who are never even reported missing? What hope did they ever have of being found when our attention span is a few days long? 

Too many people are missing and not being found. Why have they gone missing in the first place and why are there no sustained efforts to locate them? Why aren’t families, friends or even civic minded people doing more to find these lost souls. 

The most important thing that has gone missing from our lives is our ability to care for others and be our brother’s keeper. We forget too often that these missing persons have left their marks, no matter how small, on our societies. Our mentality is such that if we do not know the person, its not our problem to worry. But the person’s life alone should be enough for us to care that they once lived among us, laughed with us, cried and worried with us and had dreams and ambitions just like us. It is time for us to look out for each other, so no other valuable people in our county go missing. Everyone is valuable. 


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