So you are left stranded once again with someone else’s work load, noisy children, debts, bills, commitments and mess. Don’t worry no one can laugh at you for the unsavory situation you are in. Instead, you are to be commended for being an individual of great character and possessing a depth of maturity. It’s understandable that you will take on the task of shouldering the responsibility of someone else, because you have a level of decency and pride in yourself. 

Typically, persons who avoid their responsibility like they would avoid the plague, are those who hate or do not know anything about accountability. Their responsibilities entail accounting for their actions and behaviours. Ultimately, they cannot handle negative feedback on their progress or performance and in order to compensate for their shortcomings, they turn to more capable individuals such as yourself. Have no doubts, these irresponsible persons are fully aware that you will fulfill their responsibilities because you do not know the meaning of giving up or failure. Furthermore you have utmost respect for people in authority, so you will not falter in your competence. 

Sooner rather than later this dependency syndrome has to end. It’s easier said than done, but when dealing with irresponsible people, you must make it known to them that your own responsibilities are more important than theirs and will always come first.  Next, you need to slowly but surely detach the person from yourself by not giving them opportunities to use you. Protect yourself and your assets vigorously around them. Finally, do not feel sorry for them. If they do not learn to deal with their own shortcomings they will never get far in life. They have to learn to accept their responsibility because dependable people will not always be around to rescue them.


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