A man who had cautiously monitored a strange growth on his skin for two years, finally decided to visit his local health centre to get a diagnosis. When the doctor heard he had the growth for two years he asked the man why he didn’t come sooner to get it checked out, since it could be life threatening. The man explained he was poor and did not earn a big salary. He said he did not want to see a doctor until he had saved enough money to cover the cost of removing the growth surgically. So, for the past two years he had been saving money for the expected procedure. 

Surprised by his story, the doctor asked the man if he knew how much the surgery would cost? The man replied that he was sure that the money he had saved would be more than sufficient. The doctor asked the man one more time if he knew the cost of the procedure, to which he replied that his two years of hard saving and sacrifice would ensure his life is saved. The doctor finally said he too was sure the money would be more than enough, because the surgical procedure was simple and absolutely free. 

Assumptions can be costly and misleading, which is why we should not make them. The best thing to do if something is ambiguous is ask for clarity. Asking questions is a great way of finding things out. So says Sesame Street. Be thorough in your research and fact checking and leave nothing to chance.


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