Yes, you read right. If US President Donald Trump is as thin skinned, insecure and narcissistic as he is fickle, then the American people don’t need mass protests, indictment proceedings or legal battles to put pressure on him. All they need is a powerful PR campaign parodying every single mistake, misstep and mishap to stumble out of the White House. 

It has already been proven that the President enjoys looking at television; Fox News reports are his daily briefings. If something is aired that irks him, he will immediately react with a tweet about it. So basically the world can speak to Trump through the television. This is simply mind blowing. Then again it isn’t surprising, since the man worked in television for years and is a huge fan of reality TV. If Trump is hooked on television like a 7-year-old on a Saturday morning, then he can be easily influenced more than you might have thought. 
The hilarious work of Melissa Mc Cathy on SNL portraying White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer caught Trump’s eye and he took a second look at Spicer’s performance in his role. It was that simple; a few gags based on real events, a couple hours in make up and prime time television. Next, you might see a mop doing a parody of Kelly Ann Conways’s ‘Alternative Facts’ gaffe, or a blank page portraying Education Secretary Betsy De Vos. That would be eerily close to the real thing. Just imagine the reaction Trump would have if he saw the way people see him and his team in reality. And since it’s on television it must be true right? 

No longer do people have to mail or email letters to the President. An adoring supporter can concoct a Hooters or Axe style commercials for Trump or a death threat can now be a Michelle Obama 2020 campaign ad. World leaders can enter a televised pageant contest where they get to tell Trump about their respective beautiful countries and why he should not ban, wall or nuke em.

Trump’s White House reality show is getting low ratings and is now the laughing stock of the world. Will the President adapt to what he is seeing and what he will be seeing on the television? Will he base his policies and selections on parodies and witty commentary? Or will the White House staff be forced take television time away from him? Whatever the outcome, a sustained comedic PR campaign on his leadership may be the thing that makes the world smile in the face of impending peril.


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