The Ideal: A country should be able to develop and prosper under an ideology which promotes peace, respect and inclusion for all citizens regardless of differences. Such an ideology should be easily taught to and practiced daily by everyone in the society, especially the next generation. Essentially, the ‘Will’ of the nation must be passed on to its children so they can understand its purpose. A nation’s Will is a guiding light for the future, where citizens put country and fellow man first before themselves. It fosters strong bonds of family and friendship among the population and above all the ‘Will’ gives each individual a sense of duty, purpose and belonging. Such a ‘Will’ strives to surpass the errors of the past, learn important lessons and embrace the future ahead. 

The Reality: The number one plague on this world is ‘ignorance’. From this sickness, hate, malice, jealousy, greed and anger are born. These traits trigger pain, suffering and misery. Trapped in their ignorance, people take their frustrations with their lives out on others and ultimately, their own country. They feel lost and neglected by the living, breathing entity which they thought was obligated to understand and overlook their shortcomings. But how can a country do that, when it has no moral compass of its own? Our leaders have never ever agreed on one ultimate goal for our country, so there is no one path for us to follow. We have therefore been stumbling along blindly on different paths, with no known destination in mind. The sad thing is, we are constantly losing people along the way. Murders, terror attacks, abuse, chaos, apathy and war are the result of our failure to agree on one common ‘Will’.

Retribution: This aimless walk of our generation and the one to come has to stop. They are in serious trouble, since the ground under their feet will disappear very soon as a precipice looms ahead. We need to entrust to our children, even the ones who appear to be lost, our ‘Will’. We cannot wait on our leaders to do this for us since their vision ends only five years into the future. The next generation is truly in need of guidance, because we failed to surpass our forefathers, which is a dangerous thing for any society. We have become selfish, greedy and lost respect for authority and ourselves. We cherish our vices more than our values and self-interest is more important than those weaker, less privileged and discriminated against.
Despite this, it is not too late for our country. There are still people who can effect change in our children and dispel the ignorance which has come over them. We can only hope they can see the merits in entrusting their ‘Will’ onto their own children when the time comes.


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