Regrets are like empty bottles; the contents are gone, but we still keep the bottles with the hope that we can fill them up again one day. Thus, we store them in our minds and constantly keep adding more and more as time goes by. Unfortunately, there is more storing than refilling and the storage space in our minds becomes cluttered, unmanageable and unsightly. 

Untouched regret is burdensome, however, if you do return to them and fix what is wrong, then you can take them out of storage and free yourself from their weight. 

How do we fix our regrets? We need to face reality first. Ask yourself if the thing you regret can be fixed or solved? Can you realistically change things in your favour at this point in time? If the answer is no, then it is time to say goodbye to that old bottle. If the answer is yes, you must decide if refilling the bottle is the best choice for your life. After all, you will be returning to somethings or someone you left behind a long time ago. Do these things or these people have a place in your current life? Will they add value to it or will they be toxic? Do you have the time and energy to see your repairs through to the end?

Only if you are certain you are ready to bring these things and people back into your life, then you should refill the bottle. Do not seek to salvage something that will bring you negativity, pain and more empty bottles. 

Return to your storage space and remove atleast one old bottle from the pile. You will feel the relief right away if you do. But, moving forward we need to learn how to stop storing regret in the first place. We must challenge ourselves to walk away from things without regretting our decisions. 


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