This challenge might possibly be very challenging to many people. At the sound of the word ‘documentary’, people conjure up thoughts of slow scenes with dramatic music and a monotone narrator boring the life out of them. Chances are documentary styles and production methods have been updated since you last looked at one. 

Documentaries are produced with the intention to inform people about a specific topic or issue. They bring a unique perspective of the subject matter to the viewer and deliver it with very powerful opinions and calls to action. 

Inspirational and educational documentaries are a great source of information for persons who are eager to learn something new. They attempt to explain the subject matters in a crystal clear method so they are easy to understand and follow. They also offer us stunning and mind blowing visuals with crisp narration which connects you with the video and pictures on the screen. It is therefore less tedious to be inspired or educated via documentaries, since you do not need to read the information you want. 

Many documentaries are available online, but be careful when choosing what you look at. Look for documentaries which are well reviewed by other viewers, which are well researched and professionally produced. 


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