Undoubtedly, you remember vividly well that one important relationship/friendship which crashed and burned catastrophically a long time ago. It was a strong bond broken mercilessly by circumstance and buried six feet deep by vicious words. It is perhaps the one relationship/friendship you regret losing the most.

We all know very well what had been built on top that strong connection with that person. In the middle of that connection, there stood a marvelous city of hopes, dreams, expectations, ambitions and unity. It extended from your end, across a stormy sea and met what had been built from their end in the centre. And there, your relationship/friendship blossomed and had the best of times. For a long time there was nothing to fear, since you both knew the foundations were strong, the mortar firm and the design flawless.

Nevertheless, you both knew when the small grains of sand started falling from the bridge. Sand turned into, pebbles, pebbles into rocks, rocks into boulders and before long, entire columns and supporting beams crashed into an abysmal pit below. Your bridge had been set ablaze by a disagreement and it smoldered in ruins for years.

Now that you can look back on that time with mature eyes and a forgiving heart, why not try to pick up the pieces? Start from your end of course, replacing the rotten boards with fresh smiles, the mangled iron with an outreached arm and the crumbling mortar with renewed friendship. You never know, the person standing on the other end of the shore has been waiting to start mending their side as well. Do not do yourself the injustice of living in regret wondering if the bridge can be mended. You will never know, until you try.


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