Our school days make up a significant part of our childhood and teenage memories. We found our best friends, our dreams and aspirations and for some, our life long partners at school. We also met some pretty awesome grown-ups, who, made learning enjoyable and taught us certain lessons and values we still remember and practice today. 

The institution itself holds a special meaning for us. It was our second home and our second family. There is much pride which swells up within us, when we hear the name of our former schools or when they have made an achievement in academics or sports. We also lament it’s state of affairs when we hear negative news about the institution and it’s progress. Whatever our feelings, we must understand that we owe a debt of gratitude to our old schools and their staff. 

Why not give something back to your old school today? Think of it as an investment in the future generation and the institution. It doesn’t have to be financial support only, but it should be something that builds the school’s reputation, teaching capacity, legacy and morale. It is always best to approach the school first to find out exactly what areas they require assistance with, to make the teaching experience better for students and staff. That way resources, time and effort can be allocated efficiently.

There is a saying, ‘human beings are the only animals that let their children come back home’. Your old school will not deny you the opportunity to say thank you for all that it has done for you. Indeed, it will welcome you back home for showing your gratitude. 


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