Children value the time and attention bestowed on them. They live for interaction and exploration. They love imagination and creation. They are the ultimate social being who need guidance and nurturing. Chances are that if you do not take the time to teach a child something properly, they will learn it by imitation and chances are, they will learn it the wrong way. 

It’s hard to mold a child the right way, when they have experienced life all on their own. You will need to tear down the hard, crooked foundations and build it up again the right way. Sadly, we adults are too busy to dedicate that amount of time and effort to such a task. It’s a pity that the child suffers from our neglect and poor parenting. 

We all have children in our lives who need our help. Be they relatives or kids from our neighborhood, we adults have a responsibility to do what we can to ensure their upbringing is positive and fulfulling.

You are hereby challenged to help a child achieve some task or goal this week. Do not help them accomplish their task by buying or spending your way out of it. Spend time with the child and invest your intellect and creativity to guide them to finish their goal. It’s quite ok if you are not good with children. They do not think in terms of competence or efficiency. However, they do understand kindness and affection. Those are all the qualifications you need. 


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