Let me ask you something personal. Are you in an abusive or unhappy relationship? It is easy for me to give you the best life changing advice so you can escape your unpleasant situation. After my advice is given, it is up to tyou to heed it and put it into action.
Oh yes, I know, it is as the saying goes, ‘easier said than done’.

Your reasons for not leaving the relationship and your abuser are numerous and quite valid, so I will not judge you for not taking my advice. Do you feel like everyone you speak with about your situation is getting frustrated with you? You do acknowledge that their intentions are good right? They are not frustrated with you. Rather, they are frustrated that they cannot do more to help you. What you want to do is very difficult and you will feel like you are incapable of doing it. Even if you do go through with leaving your relationship, you may not have the strength to stay out of it for long.

Have you slipped back into the relationship numerous times before? Was there a promise of change and betterment? Did the promise last for long?

‘Putting Yourself First’ is manifesting into actions what your heart desires. It is trusting yourself draw upon your inner strength to make positive changes to your life, because no one is worth your tears and suffering or can define their love for you, by how tough and rough they are on you. ‘Putting Yourself First’ is loving yourself first before the other person. Ultimately, it is knowing when enough is enough. You will know that, when people stop giving you advice and are willing start making changes in their own lives, so they can be an example for you to follow. When your strength has to come from someone else, you will know that your relationship has brought you to your weakest point ever.


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