Here they come; the people in a mad rush for your undying love, affection, time and energy. Look at them fall over themselves  as they dash toward you, their goal, their prize, their victory. They bombard you with sugar coated words, suffocate you with their persistence and advance on you and your life with impunity.

But who can blame them? These people are smitten with love. They love you. They see you, hear you, know of you, talk to you, look at your photos on Facebook, try their best to get you to hang out with them and are willing to move all the planets in the Solar System for your approval. Soon enough, they are in a relationship with you in their heads.

Thus far we have looked at only them. Unfortunately these persons fail to realise that it takes two real people to make any form of relationship work. What is even more unfortunate, is the fact that they do not respect your thoughts or views on their advances. It is very difficult to deal with such people because they are so set on their targets. However, you need to be firm with them especially if you do not intend to reciprocate the sentiments.

The Art of Putting Yourself First helps. It acknowledges your individuality and your rights to make decisions about your relationships on your own. It protects your personal space from unwanted incursions and shields your life’s priorities from being broad sided. Most importantly, it gives you the opportunity to be comfortable with yourself first, before you are ready to be with anyone else.
Putting Yourself First, does not mean you are selfish or stuck up, as your jilted admirer would angrily state, it simply means you understand that you are the most important person in your world.


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