Let’s face it. We all have thresholds for the number of things we can realistically deal with all at once. Your threshold may be higher or lower than the people around you and that is fine, since we are not all the same. But, we all feel the pressure of being asked to do too much all by ourselves sometimes. The people, circumstances and situations which demand more and more from us constantly may care less, whether you can do all that is required of you. Such is the harsh reality of life sometimes. 

When life puts too much on our plates we should not try to gobble everything down all at once. Instead, deal with the smaller tasks first and make your larger tasks manageable, by planning to do them in phases. You should always try to remain in control of the situation and do not become overwhelmed by it. Approach each task no matter how stressful and uncomfortable with an open, logical mind. There is no need compound your problems with haste, ignorance and negativity. Once you have started the task, make sure you see it through to the very end. There are no short cuts in life.

Life will always push us to our limits. However, it’s only at the limit that we will see there is room for us to extend our thresholds a little more. If we approach life in this way, we will also begin to view limits and thresholds as new frontiers and starting points. 


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