Yes. Most definitely. There are two types of ‘things’ that happen in our lives: the ones we do for ourselves and the ones over which we have no control. 

Because we make rational decisions for ourselves  (I hope), we are able to predict to an extent what the consequences are going to be and can prepare ourselves for them. However, when the decisions are made for us, without our knowledge and even to our detriment, we find ourselves in a mad rush to understand and appreciate our situation. 

Like it or not, the consequences will come our way. Should we fight the decision? Sure we can. Will we always get the decision reversed? No, not always. How do we know when we need to stop fighting and start adapting to our circumstances? That is a priceless question. Many people fight and fuss and frustrate themselves over things beyond their control and never start adapting. 

If we believe everything happens for a reason, then we could take the time to look for a silver lining in our situation. We could predict what will happen in the future and prepare ourselves for it. 

Chances are you needed to experience the current situation you are or you need to learn an important lesson from it. There is always a bigger picture we cannot see right away and it dawns on us when we least expect it. Then we understand why things happened the way they did. 

The beautiful thing about the Universe is that it balances itself out. If something bad happened today, it’s to prepare you to appreciate the good thing you will receive tomorrow.


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