Before you say ‘Ever heard of online banking?’, let me say you will always have to face a bank line to dp your business despite all the electronic advancements in the financial sector. We all hate waiting in that bank line. Depending on your bank’s customer service efficiency you can be stuck in the line for close to an hour. That’s one hour wasted standing around waiting to pay bills. Most people just meekly shuffle along in the slow file toward the tellers, others strike up conversations and some play games on their phones.

As the seconds tick away slowly and your feet begin to pain, you begin to wish everyone else in the line would disappear. Don’t feel badly. They are thinking the same thing about you. So instead of thinking about mass vanishing acts, find something productive to do in the line. 

Make your to do list for the day or the week, plan lunch or dinner by Googling a new recipe, draft or send a text message to an old friend, read an inspirational blog article on your phone, write a blog entry, close your eyes and meditate or pray or plan a bank heist by analyzing the bank security. 

You can make bank line time valuable ‘you’ time instead of enduring it as an arduous task. What you do may not increase your bank account balance, but you will have added value and worth to yourself. 


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