What a day! Mondays are always an experience. Quite possibly, you rued the very existence of today in your mind. You silently grappled with it’s true, diabolical intent; to kill your weekend of rest, fun and leisure and throw you into work and responsibilities. If we think about it, we are very unfair to Mondays. Extremely unfair. Sometimes, brutal.

The Internet is filled with Monday-hating memes., from toddlers being chased by a T-Rex named Monday to ugly cat faces showing displeasure about Monday mornings and even Boromir with his famous ‘One Does Not Simply (insert bad Monday joke here) line. We have all openly expressed displeasure for Mondays in some form or fashion, but why? Why do Mondays always get such a bad reaction from people?

Mondays are a reminder that we have jobs to do, school to attend, chores to complete, responsibilities to uphold, committments to keep and five more days until we don’t have to worry about those things. They are also an end to the weekends and farewell to the rockstars of the week, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.
However, the way we treat with our Mondays is an indicator of how well we deal with unpleasant situations.

If you can face your Monday mornings with a positive attitude and uplifting affirmations, you are most certainly a person who is well prepared for the week ahead. Monday’s are seen by some as a fresh start and the best day to put plans into motion. However, if we always begin our Mondays with sullen looks and thoughts, we are quite possibly going to go through the week with the same attitude.

Give Mondays some love. You will feel better about yourself and the week ahead will be easier to deal with.




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