How far can you see? Half a mile? One mile? Two? Three miles on a very clear day? As far as the horizon? If you were to ask a room full of people such a question, these are the most likely responses. If they can only reach as far as they think they can see, then those of people will not be going very far in life. 

Look up at the sky. Do you see the sun? The sun is approximately 91 million miles away from us and you can see it quite clearly. The Andromeda Galaxy which can be seen with the naked eye is 2.6 million light years from Earth. Did you ever think that you can see that far? 

If the distance we can see, can be compared to the extent of our ambitions and our goals in life, then we need to stop underestimating overselves and change our bridle way of thinking. We all want to go far and achieve as much as we can, but we cannot let our minds hold us back by thinking mediocre things and not breaking out of our comfort zones. 

We need to learn to release the limits we have on our minds and experience what it feels like to do more, go further, live happier and have all our goals achieved. 

Do not fear thinking big and far. There is so much more beyond the horizon and beyond our own lives that we are yet to discover. 


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