A Certainty of Persistence.

Certainties are a given,
such things like a sunrise,
and before long a sunset is driven,
to give way to a moon and stars in the skies.

And because the Earth spins,
and the Sun’s warmth is within its reach ,
we are assured of blowing winds,
to make waves crash on the beach.

So too I am certain that,
No one can count every grain of sand,
With a conclusive number as a matter of fact,
By counting only with their hand.

And as certain as death comes to life,
As certain as music will never die,
Everyone’s path to walk is littered with strife,
And it’s a God given certainty we all have to cry.

So many certainies in life to depend on,
All those assurities to find security in,
Even from the day we are born,
We too must believe that we are capable of everything.

And I know the water will wash sand castles away;
There is no security in sand, so they always do,
But I’ll certainly return to build them again the next day,
Because against certainties, being persistent is what we must do.


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