The last blog post on ‘Unfulfilment’ seems to have struck a resonating chord with several readers. Being unfulfilled means there is more that can be done in your life. The choice of what is done should be up to you alone. However, many people seem to think that they can only be fulfilled if they accomplish what others around them have done. To an extent, using the accomplishments of others as a yardstick of success can be a good thing. This is why we have role models and mentors to follow as we go through life. What we should learn from these people is not how to be like exactly them, rather we should try to understand how they achieved what they did and emulate these behaviours. 

Using this knowledge, we will now be able to have achievements of our own, which are best suited to our lives. Why bother comparing yourself to someone else, when you can love being you? If you start comparing yourself to siblings, family, friends, colleagues and peers you will always find there is someone who has more than you, done more than you, earned more than you, won more than you and got praised more than you. 

If you do this to yourself you will forever feel unfulfilled, discontent, dissatisfied and unhappy. Comparisons are a vicious cycle which hurt our self esteem and it’s time to stop subjecting ourselves to them.

But wait. There are people around us who love to compare us to others. They need to be told in no uncertain terms to stop. Their perceived attempt to inspire us to be something, is really a constant reminder of what we are not. 

If we are guilty of doing this to others then we need to back off. We cannot choose a person’s role model for them nor can we force them to have what others have. 

If you want to make a comparison, compare yourself with yourself: have you increased your ambitions, have you made progess in your personal development or have you been more productive today than you were yesterday? 


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