This world we live in can be a dreadful place. If we turn on the television, we see the horrors and if we open the newspapers we read about them. Issues abound on the radio talkshows and on our mobile devices we are constantly updated with the latest horrific headlines. Most of the time, we do little more than be thankful that these bad events and the people behind them aren’t in our neighbourhoods and around our families. There are those of us who wonder who will step up to deal with those problems and make them right.

We all want to believe that there are heroes around who will save us in times of trouble and make us feel safe and sound. We want to believe that their actions will comfort us and their words will give us hope for a better tomorrow.
Here is the catch though. If everyone sits around hoping and expecting someone else to step up and deal with problems affirmatively, then in actuality, the problem never gets solved. The images on the television will never go away and the reports of chaos will never end, if we all expect someone else to take charge and control of the situation.

You can be the hero your family needs, the one your community needs and the one your country needs. You do not need super strength or martial arts abilities to be a hero. You only have to do what’s right. Every person who does the right thing in defence of justice, honour and integrity is a hero. Every person who supports the truth, knowledge and freedom is a hero. The boy who puts his gum wrapper in the garbage bin and not throw it on the ground is a hero. The woman who believes her silent protest will change her world of racism and violence is a hero.

While you may look good in tights, a mask and a cape, being a hero has nothing to do with being flashy and adored. It’s in the simple and good choices we make each day that defines our character as heroic. It’s believing that you can make a difference by sticking to your morals and values and acting on those beliefs. If you look deep inside yourself, you will find there is a hero just waiting to break free and change the world!


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