A good friend of mine sent a very detailed and graphic description of a medical procedure they recently underwent to detect what was wrong with their health. They bravely included in their message that they were very anxious about not only the procedure which they painfully underwent, but also the results. Thankfully, they were mostly positive and the situation is very manageable for the doctors. 

It was a wake up call for my friend, since not everyone gets the same good news. The advice of the doctors included a change in lifestyle habits. Our lifestyle is connected to our bodies and our health. If we make the wrong choices, we run the risk of harming our bodies. 

We all know sooner or later that we are treating ourselves badly. Our bodies give us clues and warning signs. It is up to us to pay attention and make the appropriate action to ensure a warning does not evolve into a full blown emergency. There is absolutely no shame in admitting that we are doing something wrong to ourselves. It is actually the first step to staying healthy and ultimately alive. 

I’m pretty sure the road to transforming your daily habits will be difficult and you will be tempted constantly to revert to your old ways. You can ask for help from friends, family and your doctor. However, in the end, the decision and the consistency are up to you alone. There is no need to get to a point of no return with your health. The financial, physical and psychological stresses which accompany long term treatment of Non-Communicable Diseases can be avoided with preventative action now. 

It’s time to own up, open up and organize your life today for good health forever. So stop making excuses and start making changes. 


2 thoughts on “Lifestyle Changes: Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late.

  1. Why it sounding like you are quarreling with me about my health with this cautionary tale……. I love to smoke even if it’s bad for me… I can’t just stop


    1. Hi. Thanks for the reply. I did not mean to sound like I am ‘quarreling’. I simply meant to emphasize the importance of starting to cut out unhealthy habits from our lives. I know quitting smoking can be hard, but there are different things you can try, if you really want too. You are not alone.


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