We all have had a song that we connect with so strongly, the minute we hear it, we claim it for our own. It’s that musical creation that speaks to our souls and perfectly expresses our emotions, our thoughts, our actions and our dreams.

We are immediately blown away by how well the melody mirrors our personality and how the words are our life’s story.

It’s the one that jars our memory every time we hear it, raises repressed feelings from deep within us and leaves us in a nostalgic trance.

Maybe you share a song with your partner. It’s the one that was playing at the concert when you first held hands or it was the one you had your first kiss or dance too. It will defintely be the song¬†making you cry at your wedding.

If you need to remember something good in your life today or bring back a spark in your romance, then give your song a play right now. Music is very therapeutic and can be much more enjoyable than listening to someone give you advice or reading a blog post about dealing with your problems.

So, ‘What’s Your Song?’ Share it with us in the comments section below.


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