Fruits are nature’s confectionery. Artificial candies have a painstaking process of being made to look, smell, feel and taste good. Fruits have no such problems. Their packaging are edible and bio-degradable. Their sweet taste and unique textures are free from unnatural processes. Above all, they are healthy, as they contain vitamins and minerals needed to support your body’s immune system and those that are needed for good skin, hair and eyes. 

It is always refreshing to hear a doctor recommend to their patients to chow down on some citrus to fight off the flu or virus. 

If you are picky about certain fruits and find it difficult to consume them in their natural state, consider making it into a juice or smoothie without sugar. If you need a sweetener, you should try honey, as an alternative. You will lose the benefits of the fibre that is found in the fruit, but atleast you will have gained the other essential properties. 

Include fruits in your meals or have them as a snack everyday to ensure you keep your body healthy. 


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