We have all experienced stress in our lives. For the most part, it can be the worst feeling we have had to deal with and at other times it has helped us through hard times. We will agree however, that too much stress is a bad thing. 

Stress isn’t only associated with your psychological well being. If we consider the effects of stress on the body, we will realise your physical health is also at serious risk. Heart disease, asthma, obesity, diabetes and even acne are all stress related conditions. In periods of extreme stress, people are known to temporarily become paralysed, lose their ability to speak and even go blind. It is important to note that stress is NOT directly responsible for these conditions. Rather, it acts as a trigger for factors in your body that lead to them. 

Stressing over work, school, relationships, family and the multitude of other things we have on our plates, allows our body to become vulnerable to conditions we probably never had cause to be concerned over. These health problems sneak in under the cloak of stress without us realising it, just like a Trojan Horse conceals a threat to get past good defenses. And, when we become aware of these health threats, we have additional things to be stressed over. 

Stress is a Trojan Horse for potential health problems in our lives. So, try minimizing your stress today and ensure you stay healthy tomorrow. 

Author’s note: This post is not intended to be used for diagnosis of any medical condition. Consult your doctor to learn more about stress related illnesses.


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