Monday morning is a great time to construct the right attitude which you will take with you during the week. It’s always good to take some time and focus on yourself first, before you tackle work, school and everything else on your plate. It feels amazing to lock everything out and imagine yourself free from obligations to others. 

When you have found that peace, it’s time to speak to yourself. Have a positive conversation with yourself about yourself. Identify your good traits and say them out loud. ‘I am a kind person to myself’. If you are not, try saying ‘I will be kind to myself from this moment on’. 

‘I am strong in character and no one can question my integrity’. If this is not true, you can say ‘I will live my life in a manner in which I can be proud’. 

‘I am capable of overcoming any and all challenges which come my way’. If you have problems when dealing with issues, say to yourself with conviction ‘I can change the way I handle stressful situations and not give up easily’ or ‘I will practice patience because I understand things do not get solved immediately’.

Feel free to be sleazy and corny with yourself. ‘I am hot, good looking and beautiful inside and out’ or ‘when I walk into a room I will become the centre of attention’. 

‘People will like me for who I am. I do not have to pretend to be someone else’. 

Affirmations about yourself boost your self confidence over time and your will to start the week. The most important thing is that you say them with conviction and when the time comes, you practice what you say to yourself. Here is one you can say right now ‘I will speak with myself nicely and positively from now on because I am worth it’. 


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