So you’ve spent the last three hours on YouTube looking at twerking videos. There are good ones and there are the horrible ones. If it’s not good, it’s simply horrible. If you wish to emulate the bounce-your-booty-to-the-beat moves (which is the urge some women have when they see the videos) then you have set for yourself a very challenging goal. 

But fear not, even without innate skill and the anatomical equipment needed, anything like twerking can be accomplished with the help of an Internet guide. 

So here are three guidelines on ‘Twerking’. (For Beginners Only).

1. Only twerk in a twerking friendly environment. A closed room, preferably your bedroom, if you live with people or your living room if you are single. Do not allow people into your ‘Personal Twerking Space’ while you are working your waist. Your twerking can be dangerous to bystanders. They can laugh themselves to death or be injured by flying pieces of wood, glass and pets if you fall down. Just as a precaution be sure to give yourself a very large Personal Twerking Space.

2. Install a camera. Cameras are very crucial to the twerking activity. If twerking isn’t caught on tape then it never happened in the first place. But, seriously capturing your twerking exploits on tape help you identify your successes and your shortfalls. The fails can then be uploaded to YouTube and Facebook increase your popularity there. Also, make sure your camera is of good quality. People like looking at booties in HD. 

3. Warm up before you begin. Twerking is a physical activity and like any such activity you should get your body ready for it. Stretch for a few minutes. This help to determine if your yoga pants or tights will rip open during twerking. Some people are known to pass gas during the activity as well, so hopefully warming up will get rid of any unwanted by-product from your system. 

If your first attempt at twerking does not go as you imagined that is nothing to feel bad about. After all, it is unnatural for your booty to be bounced up and down rapidly to a low bass. With time and practice you may improve. If not, you cam always try your hand at planking. 

It was fun researching this topic for this blog post. I’ve included a link of my references below. 


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