Bank Line Time: Be Productive Even If You Aren’t Getting Rich. (1 Minute Read).

Bank Line Time: Be Productive Even If You Aren’t Getting Rich. (1 Minute Read).

Before you say ‘Ever heard of online banking?’, let me say you will always have to face a bank line to dp your business despite all the electronic advancements in the financial sector. We all hate waiting in that bank line. Depending on your bank’s customer service efficiency you can be stuck in the line for close to an hour. That’s one hour wasted standing around waiting to pay bills. Most people just meekly shuffle along in the slow file toward the tellers, others strike up conversations and some play games on their phones.

As the seconds tick away slowly and your feet begin to pain, you begin to wish everyone else in the line would disappear. Don’t feel badly. They are thinking the same thing about you. So instead of thinking about mass vanishing acts, find something productive to do in the line. 

Make your to do list for the day or the week, plan lunch or dinner by Googling a new recipe, draft or send a text message to an old friend, read an inspirational blog article on your phone, write a blog entry, close your eyes and meditate or pray or plan a bank heist by analyzing the bank security. 

You can make bank line time valuable ‘you’ time instead of enduring it as an arduous task. What you do may not increase your bank account balance, but you will have added value and worth to yourself. 


Loving Mondays. (1 Minute Read).

Loving Mondays. (1 Minute Read).

What a day! Mondays are always an experience. Quite possibly, you rued the very existence of today in your mind. You silently grappled with it’s true, diabolical intent; to kill your weekend of rest, fun and leisure and throw you into work and responsibilities. If we think about it, we are very unfair to Mondays. Extremely unfair. Sometimes, brutal.

The Internet is filled with Monday-hating memes., from toddlers being chased by a T-Rex named Monday to ugly cat faces showing displeasure about Monday mornings and even Boromir with his famous ‘One Does Not Simply (insert bad Monday joke here) line. We have all openly expressed displeasure for Mondays in some form or fashion, but why? Why do Mondays always get such a bad reaction from people?

Mondays are a reminder that we have jobs to do, school to attend, chores to complete, responsibilities to uphold, committments to keep and five more days until we don’t have to worry about those things. They are also an end to the weekends and farewell to the rockstars of the week, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.
However, the way we treat with our Mondays is an indicator of how well we deal with unpleasant situations.

If you can face your Monday mornings with a positive attitude and uplifting affirmations, you are most certainly a person who is well prepared for the week ahead. Monday’s are seen by some as a fresh start and the best day to put plans into motion. However, if we always begin our Mondays with sullen looks and thoughts, we are quite possibly going to go through the week with the same attitude.

Give Mondays some love. You will feel better about yourself and the week ahead will be easier to deal with.



Go As Far As You Can See. (1 Minute Read). 

Go As Far As You Can See. (1 Minute Read). 

How far can you see? Half a mile? One mile? Two? Three miles on a very clear day? As far as the horizon? If you were to ask a room full of people such a question, these are the most likely responses. If they can only reach as far as they think they can see, then those of people will not be going very far in life. 

Look up at the sky. Do you see the sun? The sun is approximately 91 million miles away from us and you can see it quite clearly. The Andromeda Galaxy which can be seen with the naked eye is 2.6 million light years from Earth. Did you ever think that you can see that far? 

If the distance we can see, can be compared to the extent of our ambitions and our goals in life, then we need to stop underestimating overselves and change our bridle way of thinking. We all want to go far and achieve as much as we can, but we cannot let our minds hold us back by thinking mediocre things and not breaking out of our comfort zones. 

We need to learn to release the limits we have on our minds and experience what it feels like to do more, go further, live happier and have all our goals achieved. 

Do not fear thinking big and far. There is so much more beyond the horizon and beyond our own lives that we are yet to discover. 

Persistence: You vs. The World (1 Minute Poetic Read).

Persistence: You vs. The World (1 Minute Poetic Read).

A Certainty of Persistence.

Certainties are a given,
such things like a sunrise,
and before long a sunset is driven,
to give way to a moon and stars in the skies.

And because the Earth spins,
and the Sun’s warmth is within its reach ,
we are assured of blowing winds,
to make waves crash on the beach.

So too I am certain that,
No one can count every grain of sand,
With a conclusive number as a matter of fact,
By counting only with their hand.

And as certain as death comes to life,
As certain as music will never die,
Everyone’s path to walk is littered with strife,
And it’s a God given certainty we all have to cry.

So many certainies in life to depend on,
All those assurities to find security in,
Even from the day we are born,
We too must believe that we are capable of everything.

And I know the water will wash sand castles away;
There is no security in sand, so they always do,
But I’ll certainly return to build them again the next day,
Because against certainties, being persistent is what we must do.

Comparisons: An Unproductive Habit. (1 Minute Read).

Comparisons: An Unproductive Habit. (1 Minute Read).

The last blog post on ‘Unfulfilment’ seems to have struck a resonating chord with several readers. Being unfulfilled means there is more that can be done in your life. The choice of what is done should be up to you alone. However, many people seem to think that they can only be fulfilled if they accomplish what others around them have done. To an extent, using the accomplishments of others as a yardstick of success can be a good thing. This is why we have role models and mentors to follow as we go through life. What we should learn from these people is not how to be like exactly them, rather we should try to understand how they achieved what they did and emulate these behaviours. 

Using this knowledge, we will now be able to have achievements of our own, which are best suited to our lives. Why bother comparing yourself to someone else, when you can love being you? If you start comparing yourself to siblings, family, friends, colleagues and peers you will always find there is someone who has more than you, done more than you, earned more than you, won more than you and got praised more than you. 

If you do this to yourself you will forever feel unfulfilled, discontent, dissatisfied and unhappy. Comparisons are a vicious cycle which hurt our self esteem and it’s time to stop subjecting ourselves to them.

But wait. There are people around us who love to compare us to others. They need to be told in no uncertain terms to stop. Their perceived attempt to inspire us to be something, is really a constant reminder of what we are not. 

If we are guilty of doing this to others then we need to back off. We cannot choose a person’s role model for them nor can we force them to have what others have. 

If you want to make a comparison, compare yourself with yourself: have you increased your ambitions, have you made progess in your personal development or have you been more productive today than you were yesterday? 

Feeling Unfulfilled? It’s Still A Good Thing. (1 Minute Read).

Feeling Unfulfilled? It’s Still A Good Thing. (1 Minute Read).

Believe it or not, one of the best things to happen to a person, is when they reach a stage in their life, where they can do some constructive instrospection on themselves. This can happen only if people are prepared to be honest and face the real, hard truths about their lives in a positive way.

If you did manage to do some soul searching recently and found that you feel unfulfilled about certain things in your life, such as your relationships, your career or even your education, then this can be a good thing. It’s good, because you have started to be honest about your life and you are aware of the things which make you feel unfulfilled.

Feeling unfulfilled means you perceive that you have not done enough in certain areas of your life, or you have not reached your full potential. In order to change this thinking, you need to be ambitious enough to go further than you have ever been before. No one can teach you how to be ambitious sadly, it is something you have to want for yourself. However, progressing in your life is always something you can do for yourself with the right attitude and motivation.

Most people (for good or bad) try to follow in the footsteps of others and achieve the things they have. While this may be a good launch pad for building your ambitions, you run the risk of constantly comparing yourself to others. When this happens, you will always find a fault in your progress. Comparisons never help, because no two persons ever walk the same path in life.

If the glass is half full, it means there is room for more before it spills over. You have to admit however, that it is half full and stop seeing it as being half empty. It’s the same with your life today. If you realise there is room for complete fulfillment, then do all it takes to be brimming with contentment and satisfaction.


Alternative Facts: Donald’s Trump Card.

Alternative Facts: Donald’s Trump Card.

Counselor to the US President Kellyanne Conway has to be credited for perhaps creating the first new phrase of 2017; Alternative Facts. It’s certainly the most constructive thing to be done by anyone in Donald Trump’s administration since his inauguration on Friday. In a world where the Oxford English Dictionary added roughly 500 new words to the English vocabulary in December 2016, we have to be able to keep up with the newest trends in language, so we will not be lost and confused by what high ranking US officials say to us in their official capacity.

What exactly are Alternative Facts? Well, if we understood Ms. Conway correctly, they are supposed to be the ‘other more acceptable truths which only exist in Trump’s head’. Another interpretation could be ‘what Donald Trump wants you to believe because your senses are in collusion with mainstream media’.

You could tell Ms. Conway had second thoughts about uttering the words ‘Alternative Facts’ and would have been sternly reprimanded by President Trump for her rash statement. After all, it is the President of the country who is supposed to reveal to the American nation how he intends to ‘Make America Great Again’. He probably intends to make an Alternative America where there is no need for fact checking, images from seven years ago no longer exist, no one counts the crowd size at his inauguration, but it can still be quantified period, and the weather changes to sunny only when he speaks.

The term Alternative Facts provides insight into how the Trump Administration really deals with reality; it wishes there were alternatives, and lots of them. If we were to imagine the White House right at this moment, reality is blocked from getting inside by the white walls of the building. Inside, White House staffers and administration officials are talking and thinking in terms of Alternative Facts, Alternative Issues, Alternative Strategies and Alternative Decisions.

We can expect the war between reality and ‘the Alternative Facts’ to rage on for the rest of this administration’s life. Alternative Facts will continue to be used by President Trump to stifle the truth, explain away mistakes and missteps and lay the foundations for poor policies. And, it’s simply brilliant. Alternative Facts can be shown to be false, but they are most likely supported by Alternative Proof. Even if the proof is shown to be misleading, they are supported by Alternative Thinking People, who work and live in the now Alternative White House.